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A&M Consolidated High School

Painted Parking Spaces

AMCHS Reserved Painted Parking 2024-25

The A&M Consolidated PTO is excited to offer students the opportunity to reserve and decorate a parking spot. The cost is $65 per school year, and this opportunity is in ADDITION to the required purchase of an AMCHS parking permit for $25. 

All students looking to reserve a spot need to fill out the online Google Form. Use the link or QR code below to access it. Students MUST register during the time window for their grade.

2024-25 AMCHS Reserved Painted Parking Registration Form



  • All Renewals - Week of March 18-22

  • New Sign Ups

    - Class of 2025 (11th grade) - April 1-5

    - Class of 2026 (10th grader) - April 8-12

    - Class of 2027 (9th grader) - April 15-19

Students participating in the program will be required to follow guidelines (see the attached 2024-2025 Policies and Procedures.pdf) as well as agree to terms stated in the Google Form. Before painting, students will also need to have their Design approved (see the attached Reserved Painted Parking Design Template.pdf).  Please download and review both documents along with the contract in Google.  Also to note:

  • Reserved spaces will be honored on days in which classes are scheduled. Spots are considered reserved from 6 AM - 4 PM. There should be no expectation of reservations for any after school activities or on weekends.
  • Occasionally we host guests on our campus during the school day who are not aware of the reserved parking program. If your spot is open during one of these events (i.e. basketball tournament), it may be used by our guests. Watch the announcements for these events and be understanding if someone parks in your spot.
  • If you feel that someone has parked in your spot during the hours it is reserved for your use, please speak with your assistant principal.

If you have any questions email Johnna Johnston and Sarah Riggs at