Finals - Schedule and exemption policy

Exemption Policy

The following guidelines for final exam exemptions will apply for all students:

1. Seniors may exempt any exam for both fall and spring semesters if meeting the conditions below.

2. Juniors may be exempt from three semester exams per semester. Students may choose any three semester exams they wish to exempt if meeting conditions below.

3. Sophomores and Freshmen will be eligible to exempt two semester exams per semester. However, students may NOT be exempt from a subject's exam more than once in an academic year. For example, if a student is exempt from his/her math and English finals in the fall, then he/she may NOT be exempt from math or English finals in the spring. The conditions below must also be met.

A student is eligible to be exempt from a final exam if the following conditions are met:

1. The grade average is between 90 and 100 and there are no more than 3 absences and 3 tardies during the semester in any one class.


The grade point average is between 80 and 89 and there are no more than 2 absences and 3 tardies during the semester in any one class.
NOTE: All absences will count against exemptions (including extended hospital stays, day surgeries, home-confined illnesses such as flu, mono, etc.) unless the absence is school-related (UIL, field trips, school-sanctioned events, etc.) Absences on final exam days are not included in the student's total absence count.

2. No "Serious Offense" violation, as classified in the Code of Conduct, during the semester.

3. No more than 3 days in ISS assigned during that semester.

4. If the above qualifications are met and the final exam is not taken, the average of the three six-weeks grades will be entered on the report card as the 
    exam grade.

5. Any exempted student may opt to take the final exam in any class. If the exam is taken, it will count in the final semester average.
6. All students, except seniors graduating in December, must attend the 8:25 final each day, even if exempting that final. If a student exempts any 
    final other than the 8:20 final, he does not report to that final exam.

7. All fines and debt cards must be cleared in order for a student to be exempt.

Note: The principal has the authority to grant an exception to the absence rule for extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances will be determined on an individual basis by the principal and will be considered for major emergencies: death in family, etc.
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