Tips for Academic Success

Tips for Academic Success

Successful Studying Tips
1. Do your home work!
2. Talk to your teacher - show up before and after school to ask for help.
3. Review your notes and summarize often to help you remember information.
4. Read every night.
5. Review notes weekly to keep information fresh in your mind.
6. Look up words you don't understand while you are reading.
7. Take notes as you read.
8. Be in class every day :)
9. Budget your time to study so you aren't "cramming" at the last minute.
10. Ask for help when you need it.

Note Taking Tips
1. Be brief - don't write down everything the teacher says.
    a. Use abbreviations
    b. Summarize in your own words
2. Organize your notes - consider Cornell Notes if you don't have a system.
3. Review your notes and make changes to help you remember.
4. Review a friend's notes to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Test Taking Tips

1. Maintain separate binders and folders for each class.
2. Use tabs to organize your binders and folders.
3. Use a daily planner to keep track of assignments.

1. Success Time - students can get a pass from their teacher to come in during Success Time (4th period) and get help.
2. Subject Specific Tutorials -each department has someone available before and after school to help any students.
3. National Honor Society - students are available to help - contact Mrs. Cochrane for more information. 
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