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CSISD Credit by Exam Information

Correspondence Courses

Correspondence courses are self-paced and typically done online. The courses consist of multiple lessons and a final exam. The final exam will be proctored at AMCHS on a Thursday evening. This needs to be set up with your counselor ahead of time.

Courses can be completed through Texas Tech K-12and The University of Texas High School Courses. These are the only courses AMCHS accepts for credit.  

Students should let their counselors know if they are going to enroll in a Correspondence Course so counselors are aware when it comes to planning future course work and transcripts.

Texas Tech K-12                                                                UT High School Courses 
* Cost is $175 for online courses                                        * Cost is $195 for online courses
* Cost is $200 for print based courses                                * You may need to purchase a book/materials
* You may need to purchase a book/materials                   * You have 150 days to complete the course
* You will have 6 months to complete the course               * You will need to send for the final exam/have it proctored
* You will need to send for the final exam/                                      
   have it proctored                                                              Courses are NOT approved by NCAA (check to make sure)
Courses are NOT approved by NCAA


Credit by Exams are typically taken for remediation (you took the course and failed). For example, if you took a course and failed because you didn't do the home work or a project but you feel like you have a good handle on the material, then a Credit by Exam would be a quick way for you to recover that credit. You can also take Crediy bt Exams for advancement (you have never taken the course) but it's rare.

Credit by Exams can be completed through Texas Tech or The University of Texas. These are the only courses AMCHS accepts for credit.

CBE for remediation - must score a 70 or higher to receive credit.
CBE for advancement - must score an 80 or higher to receive credit.

Texas Tech CBE                                                                         University of Texas CBE
* Cost is $45 per exam                                                                  * Cost is $50
* Expires in 60 days                                                                       * Exam expires in 60 days

At this time no credit by exams can be taken for EOC courses. When that option becomes available we will let you know.

Proctoring Exams

Counselors and other AMCHS staff will proctor all Correspondence finals and Credit by Exams. You will need to send for the exam and then schedule a time to take the test with your counselor. Exams are proctored on Thursday from 4-7pm during extended detention hall.

Dual Enrollment

Seniors may apply for courses through Texas A&M University's admissions office. Check with Texas A&M for exact dates. Students must rank in the top quarter of their class and have written permission to apply. Students may have two high school periods for one TAMU class or three school periods for two TAMU classes. Students may only take courses not offered on our high school campuses. Students will pay the same application fee as well as tuition and fees as regularly enrolled TAMU students. This grade does not count for high school credit nor is it part of the GPA. Students must pass or be exempt from the TSIA to apply. Proof of enrollment must be submitted to the counselor by the second week of each semester.

TAMU High School Enrichment Application

Blinn College
Juniors and seniors may attend Blinn Junior College. Students must have a grade point average of 3.0 and approval from a high school counselor. This grade does not count for high school credit nor is it part of the GPA. Students must pass or be exempt from the TSIA to enroll at Blinn. Students may take one or two periods to attend one class or two or three periods for two classes. Proof of enrollment must be submitted to the counselor by the second week of each semester.  

Dual Credit
Students may obtain college credit and high school credit simultaneously under an agreement with Blinn College and College Station ISD. Blinn and CSISD faulty teach the courses on the high school campuses. In order to be enrolled in a dual credit course, students must pass the TSIA test (or be exempt) and pay the required tuition to Blinn College before the course begins. 

The following courses are approved for dual credit:
1. English IV
2. Economics
3. Government
4. Accounting I

5. Accounting II
6. Computer Maintenance
7. Telecommunications & Networking
8. Audio/Video
9. Graphic Design & Illustration
10. Web Page Design
11. Entrepreneurship
12. Intro to Law Enforcement
13. Intro to Criminal Justice
14. Digital and Interactive Multimedia
15. Pre-Law

For more detailed information on the Technical Dual Credit program please review the 2018-2019 Course Description Book.

Dual Credit Senior Meeting PPT - April 23, 2018  

Dual Credit General Information
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