Checklists - 9th, 10th, and 11th

Don't wait until your Senior year to decide what you want to do with your life! Start preparing now! Below are some helpful checklists to make sure you are ready by the time your Senior year rolls around!

Freshman Checklist (9th)

1. Choose your courses wisely. Decide what you are interested in and make a long term plan. Choose an appropriately challenging curriculum.
2. Keep your grades up. Study. Attend tutorials sessions when they are offered.
3. Take the PSAT 9 provided at no cost to you at AMCHS. You don't need to sign up. We give the test to all 9th grade students. Use the "My College QuickStart" tools to review your answers and help you prepare for future PSAT/SAT exams.
4. Get involved in an activity on campus that you enjoy.
5. Check out 
Career Cruising to see what kind of career you might like to explore.
College PlanningChecklist for 9th and 10th graders
Tips for being a successful 9th grader 

Sophomore Checklist (10th)

1. Keep your grades up. Continue to choose an appropriately challenging curriculum.
2. Stay involved in activities on campus. Consider leadership roles.
3. Take the practice PSAT provided at no cost to you at AMCHS. You don't need to sign up. We order a test for all 10th grade students. It's a good measure of how ready you are for the SAT. 
4. VOE (Verification of Enrollment) - you are responsible for getting this when it's time to get your driver's license. It's only good for 30 days so plan carefully. Counselors are NOT in the office over the holidays so if  you are going to need one during a break you need to get it early.
College Planning Checklist for 9th and 10th graders.
6. Attend a college fair.
7. Explore summer workshops and camps. Consider volunteering in a field you are interested in as a career. 

Parent Action Plan for 10th graders 

Junior Checklist (11th)

1. Time to finalize your courses. Make sure you have the courses you need for graduation.  
2. Take the PSAT provided at no cost to you at AMCHS. You don't have to sign up. We order a test for all 11th graders. Take it seriously - besides allowing you to qualify for 
National Merit Scholarships it's a good indicator of success on the SAT.
3. Attend College & Financial Aid Nights.
4. Develop your list of potential colleges and majors.
5. Stay involved in campus activities. Consider leadership roles.
6. Volunteer in the community.
7. Visit colleges. AMCHS juniors are allowed two (2) campus visits. The form is 
8. Take the 
SAT or ACT in Spring. 
9. Consider a college visit in conjunction with any summer travels you (and your family) may take.
College Planning Checklist for Juniors
11. If you are planning to play sports in college make sure you have set up an account with the NCAA. 
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