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Teacher of the Month

A&M Consolidated High School

Teacher of the Month 

Each month, we will recognize a different teacher based on her/his contributions to the school, excellence in the classroom, leadership abilities, citizenship, community involvement and a variety of other criteria. Staff will be nominated and selected based on the following criteria:


1. Excellence in the Classroom or in Her/His Job - consistently advancing students to higher levels of academic achievement.

2. Motivation - having the ability to motivate and encourage students to advance past their expectations both academically and socially.

3. Leadership - serving as a leader not only in the classroom, but also throughout the school.

4. Community Service - demonstrating the importance of civic responsibility by being active in community or other service organizations.

5. Creativity and Imagination - demonstrating creativity and imagination in lesson plans and instructional practices that inspire students to learn.


Please use the form below to nominate a person for the Teacher of the Month recognition.


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