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For PC's:
How do I change my password?
To change your password when you log onto your computer you need to first log on using your current password. Once you are on your computer’s desktop, hold down the Ctrl, Alt, and delete buttons. You will then see a screen that includes a button to change your password. Click on that button. You will need to type in your current password and your new password.

How do I find something I saved?
Before you save a document you click on the File menu and drag down to Save As, always note where the item is to be saved. If you forget, or forgot to check this, you can search for the document using the search button. Begin at the start button in the lower left hand corner of your screen. Click once and find the word Search, select that. Another screen with a dog at the bottom will appear. Above the dog you have several options, if you are searching for a document, select the second option. You will then be prompted to indicate when the item was modified. Select one of these options and click on the search button. The program will search through all the files on your computer and give you the results to the right of the screen. Find the item you need and click on it. If you wish to relocate the document, select the file menu and save as. Save it to a new location.

How do I change my default printer?
Begin at the start button at the bottom left hand corner of your computer screen. Click once on the start button and locate Printers and Faxes. Click on this icon and a screen will appear with all the printers loaded onto your computer. The icon with the black circle with a checkmark in it is your default printer. To change this, right click on the printer of your choice and drag down to Set as Default Printer. The black circle will move to your new selection.

How can I get a program icon on my desktop?
From the start button in the bottom left hand corner of your computer screen, click once then select All Programs. Find the name of the program and right click. Select Send To and drag down to Desktop (create shortcut). An icon will appear on your computer’s desktop.

Where can I save work that I can access from other locations?
Sometimes you may work on some document in your classroom that you want to open in another room. As long as each location is on your campus’s server you can do this easily. Click on the start button at the left hand corner of your computer’s screen. A new screen will appear, locate My Computer. Click on the icon and under the heading Network Drives you will see your name next to one of the icons. This is your personal storage space for documents. This is the H drive, you can save items to this drive from any computer connected to your campus server.

For FirstClass:
How do I change my password?
To change your password in FirstClass you need to first log in using your current password. Above the desktop screen select Collaborate and drag down to Change Password. You will need to type in your current password and your new password.

How do I get rid of those annoying red flags?
The red flag next to an icon on the desktop indicates that folder or conference has a message that you have not read. To get rid of the flag, read the item or highlight the icon by clicking on it once. Select the menu item Message and drag to Mark as Read. This will remove the red flag.

How can I stop getting junk mail?
CSISD already has a junk mail filter on our emails. If you are still getting mail you wish
to avoid and control specific users' access to your Mailbox.
To update your Mailbox permissions:
1 Select or open your Mailbox.
2 Choose Collaborate > Permissions.
3 Update the Mailbox Permissions form.
Your changes are saved automatically when you close this form.

How can I stop getting unwanted email?

You need to make a mail rule that will target certain types of email. To do this first open your FirstClass desktop. In the Edit menu drag to Preferences. Select the Messaging tab and then Mail Rules. The icon on the left of this screen is for Mailbox rules. Click on this icon and then on the New Receive Rule icon. In this screen you will see three textboxes with drag down arrows. In the first textbox type select the correct word or phrase, such as sender or subject. Then a new textbox appears, type in the specific sender's address or single words contained in the subject line that are offensive. Avoid typing in generic words such as the, as, or any words that might be contained in wanted email. Type in words that would be only found in email you would want to avoid. The final textbox contains the action you want taken when the email comes to your address. Usually you would select reject or delete silently.

Be sure you click Save and close the screen, in the final screen you need to click the Apply button. To close the window click OK.

How can I get FirstClass at home?

There are two ways to access your email account from home:
You can go via the Internet at Click on the desktop icon, it is the second icon from the left. This will take you to a log-in screen. Type in your username and password as usual. This will not access the full program but you will be able to read and reply to email from this location. To send a new message from this location you will first need to open an existing email. You can then type in the address of the person you wish to email.

To work on your webpages and access the full program at home you will need to download the FirstClass Client by doing the following:
1 Open your web browser and go to You will see the words "clicking here" at the very end of the last paragraph of text on that screen. Click on this link.
2 This site will allow you to download the program onto your home computer. Locate the link "Download FirstClass Client". Click on this link. Select the version for your computer...if you are on an Apple computer select "Mac OS X", if you are working on a PC, use the Windows XP link. Either way, use the US English version. The blue letters and numbers are links.
3 The server name for CSISD is, this information will be required to connect with the district's email server if you are downloading it for the first time. If you are updating your at-home FirstClass, you may need to go into the setup to type in this server address again. To do this, from the login screen, click on the setup button and find "server", next to this type in the address above. You will need to restart your computer to access Firstclass.
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