AMCHS UIL Academics: District Champs!

The final point tally stands at 643 points AMCHS, 610 points CSHS.  Temple High School secured the 3rd highest sweepstakes score with 125 points.
In all, there are 29 students qualified to compete at the Regional Academic Meet in Magnolia on April 14, where they will work to secure spots at the state meet in May. 
Three of our academic teams won the team championship at the district meet, qualifying all of their members to the Region meet.  Consol students also secured the Journalism Team Championship & Speech Team Championship!
In addition, there were 4 Consol teams that qualified all members to compete at Region as "wild card" bids--that is, they had the highest second-place-team score of any school in the region.  This includes our Calculator Applications team, Mathematics team, Number Sense team, and Science team.
These incredible students have given up their limited free time to prepare for these events to represent our school in our community and beyond.  
Please join me in congratulating them!
Complete results by event are as follows (* denotes regional qualifiers) - 
Accounting - Team Champions
3rd Place (tie): Darby Hurley*
3rd Place (tie): Matthew Manley*
5th Place: Peter Liu
Calculator Applications
2nd Place: Selena Li*
5th Place: Melissa Yang*
7th Place: Melissa Rasmussen*
12th Place: Pham Dung*
Current Issues and Events - Team Champions
1st Place: Shiva Saravanan*
4th Place: Nicolas Macri*
5th Place: Andrew Zhang*
7th Place: Aabid Razvi*
Computer Applications
1st Place: Aabid Razvi*
2nd Place: Hope Lascurian*
Computer Science
3rd Place: Melissa Rasmussen*
5th Place: Eric Gan
6th Place: Shiva Saravanan
Cross Examination Debate (competing earlier in the year and earning points towards District sweepstakes)
1st Place: Delphine Leoue Ngoko Djomo & Parth Sarin (qualified for the state CX meet)
5th Place: Lars Deutz & Saanya Patel
6th Place: Srikar Satish & Allen Zhang
Editorial Writing
2nd Place: Drew Howerton*
4th Place: Elise Sawyer
Feature Writing
1st Place: Maya Girimaji*
2nd Place: Ruby Perry-Mize*
5th Place: Samantha De Figueiredo
Headline Writing
2nd Place: Elise Sawyer*
3rd Place: Jennifer Zhan*
Informative Speaking
1st Place: Cassie He*
2nd Place: Caroline Coopersmith*
4th Place: Allen Zhang
Lincoln Douglas Debate
1st Place: Cassie He*
2nd Place: Celine Choi
Literary Criticism - Team Champions
1st Place: Jennifer Zhan*
2nd Place: Olivia Conway*
8th Place: Aimee Deng*
9th Place: Avha Mohanty*
2nd Place: Selena Li*
4th Place: Eric Gan*
6th Place: Bill Wang*
7th Place: Shiva Saravanan*
Number Sense
3rd Place: Eric Gan*
4th Place: Peter Liu*
7th Place: Melissa Rasmussen*
8th Place: Jennifer Zhan*
News Writing
3rd Place: Jennifer Zhan*
Persuasive Speaking
1st Place: Aabid Razvi*
2nd Place: Celine Choi*
4th Place: Lars Deutz
Poetry Interpretation
1st Place: Tatum Love*
3rd Place: Madi Booth*
5th Place: Coleman Maxwell
Prose Interpretation
2nd Place: Jacob Eaker*
Ready Writing
3rd Place: Allen Zhang*
3rd Place: Melissa Rasmussen*
4th Place: Andrew Zhang*
5th Place: Selena Li*
6th Place: Eric Gan*
Top Biology Score: Pham Dung* & Andrew Zhang (tie)
Top Chemistry Score: Selena Li
Social Studies
2nd Place: Nicolas Macri*
Spelling and Vocabulary
1st Place: Shiva Saravanan*
6th Place: Ethan Pham
Consol Theater's One Act Play company, which performed scenes from Mother Courage and Her Children, also won points contributing to this win.
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