SkillsUSA District 7 – 2018 Results

We also have student representatives that were voted into district office:


Connor Fredericks

Mitchell Kuppersmith

David Nguyen


Coaches: Shannon Jones, Patrick Powell, Danny Roberts, Jay Robinson and Bart Taylor


Here are the results of all of our competitions:


3D Animation Team

1st place ** - Sarah Marek & Maggie Swartz

5th place - Mitchell Kuppersmith & Freddy Yax


3D Animation Video

Superior Rating** - Johnathon Hutchison

Superior Rating** - Maggie Swartz

Excellent Rating - Team: Mitchell Kuppersmith & Freddy Yax


3D Animation Technical Render

Superior Rating**- Sarah Marek


Action Skills

1st Place**- Thomas Cassler


Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

3rd Place** – Team: Keith Adams & Tian Da Huang


Advertising Design

3rd Place** - Wynter Houpt

5th Place – Taylor Saputra


Advertising & Design Job Exhibit

Superior Rating** - Maggie Swartz  (Best of Show)

Superior Rating** - Sarah Marek

Superior Rating** - Wynter Houpt

Superior Rating** - Leah Lui


Applied Engineering

2nd Place** - Team: Michael Fink, Alex Hilty, Michael Parulian, Michael Townsend


Broadcast News Production

1st Place** - Team: Brannon Castoria, Carolina Rueda, Jacob Simmons, Harrison Winn

2nd Place** - Team: Jordi Bulux-Sotelo, Jacob Janke-Lynch, Desiree Ramon, Lacey Washington


Career Pathway Showcase in Information Technology

1st Place** - Team: Delphine Leoue Ngoko Djomo, Reid Ragusa, Spencer Williamson


Computer Maintenance Computer Case Mod Projects

Superior Rating**- Team: Drew Howerton, Tex Bonasera, Keith Adams, Taylor Saputra

Superior Rating**- Team: Emmanuel Preciado, Timmy Davis, Ahad Ali

Superior Rating**- Nathaniel Summer, David Nguyen, Tian Da Huang

Superior Rating**- John Adams, Ben Castro

Excellent Rating - Team: Reid Ragusa, Jack Wren, Julian Wang

Excellent Rating - Team: Billy Stephenson, Umer Sajid, Marshall Taylor, Joseph Weaver

Excellent Rating- Carlos Trejo, Adrian Trejo


Digital Cinema Production

4th Place**- Team: Noah Alford & Patrick Quinn

5th Place- Team: Mallorie Makuta & Brodie Shea



3rd Place**- Team: Michael Barondeau, Kate Primrose, Adrian Trejo & Carlos Trejo


Information Technology Services

1st Place**- Minh Luu

2nd Place**- Isabella Garza

3rd Place**- Muhammad Sajid

4th Place- Drew Howerton



1st Place**- Mark Jones

2nd Place**- Phuc Ha

3rd Place**- Leonard White


Medical Math

1st Place**– Jennifer Zhou


Outstanding Chapter

1st Place**- Katie Gray, Drew Howerton, Delphine Leoue Ngoko Djomo


Prepared Speech

1st Place ** – Delphine Leoue Ngoko Djomo


Related Technical Mathematics

1st Place **- Joshua Martin

2nd Place**- Tian Da Huang

3rd Place- Julian Wang

4th Place- Roger Wang


Residential System Installation and Maintenance

1st Place ** - Keith Adams

2nd Place**- Sam Chandler

3rd Place**- Leonard White


T-Shirt Design

1st Place**-- Taylor Saputra

3rd Place- Brytan Quartemont

5th Place- Brandon Hazlett


Technical Computer Applications

1st Place **- Ethan Martinez

2nd Place**- Timmy Davis

3rd Place**- Curtis Franklin

4th Place- Ben Castro


Telecommunication and Cabling

1st Place**- Marshall Greene

2nd Place**- Ahad Ali

3rd Place**- Dillan Harper-Jones

4th Place**- Neil Feagan


Television Video Production

3rd Place Team** -  Hans Sapo, Avery Wright


Video Projects

Superior Rating**- Max Carrino

Superior Rating**- Patrick Quinn

Superior Rating**- Brodie Shea

Superior Rating**- Avery Wright

Superior Rating**- Team: Noah Alford, Adrian Flores (Judge's Choice)

Superior Rating**- Team: Mallorie Makuta, Hans Sapo

Superior Rating**- Team: William Allen, Brannon Castoria, Brian Schoenemann, Jacob Simmons

Excellent Rating- Tanner Martin

Excellent Rating- Team: Jordi Bulux, Carolina Rueda, Harrison Winn


Video Game Design

2nd Place** - Team: Authur Erickson & Mitchell Kuppersmith


Web Page Design Team

2nd Place**- Team: Katie Gray & Matt Holtzapple

3rd Place**- Team: William Stephenson & Joseph Weaver


Web Page Design Individual

2nd Place**– Marshall Taylor



** Students qualified for State Competition

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